Rules regulation

  1.  Student must be punctual and regular in their attendance Students who do not have a minimum of 75% attendance in a semester/year may be debarred from appearing in their university exam.
  2. Late coming students will not be permitted to enter in the class rooms.
  1. Students are liable to check by security personnel at entry and exit points of the college.
  2. The College will not be responsible for any losses/ damages, either director consequential, to the student or his/her belongings.
  3. Smoking/drinking/eating/ chewing pan/ tobacco/ gum is strictly prohibited for student at the college.
  4. Student Must handle furniture, computers and all equipment at the
    college with due care.
  5. In case of damage (s) to equipments (s) or any property of the college the
    student s will be liable topay for the same.
  6. Mobile and any electronics device are strictly banned in the college Premises.
  7. Internal Exam :- Student must appear in all internal exams for their internal assessment evaluation as per Bilaspur university and college management commeettee instructions.

Re-Test :- A system of Re-Test is also available for those who fail to either appear of pass in the first internal test.

Dress Code/Uniform:- Compulsory except Wednesday, graduate students will come in prescribed uniform and other students will have to in proper dress code.

Library:- Books will be issued only for 3 days and for late return fine.@Rs. 5/-
per days will be charged.

Admit Card:- It will be issued after the clearance of all the dues.

Cancellation of Admission:-.Student withdraw from the course in mid session will pay full fee of the course for getting T.C. from the college.

Transfer certificate :- Deposite Rs. 100/- As fee for TC/CC, Application for
TC/CC should be given 2 days prior and clear all the dues and get NOC from
all the section of the college i.e. library, computer lab, Accounts section.

Communication:- A. Update Parents mobile no. or other contact no. is
compulsory for essential communication from the college.

B. E-mail id for communication is essential for every student of college.


  1. Absentees student who will not give application for leave will
    attract fine @ Rs. 50/-per day.
  2. For any Internal Exams (i.e. Mid Sem / Pre Sem ,any internal absentees fine @ Rs. 500/- per day/per subject.

Discipline:- Disciplinary norms of the college are an integral part of the training at KORBA COMPUTER COLLEGE student is required to adhere strictly to these norms. KORBA COMPUTER COLLEGE has the discretion to debar students temporarily or permanently if they violate disciplinary norms of the college .

All the rules and regulations of the college has been made by higher education department., Bilaspur university, Bilaspur and Korba computer college . That may be changed time to time and The student are required to follow these rules strictly .

Disciplinary Policy at KCC
Rules and Regulations:-