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The Korba Computer College is a new generation college driven by 5Cs-convergence, connectivity, celebration, creativity & communication. These are the driving forces of the new economy.

The education at the college is intended to facilitate unbounded exploration of ideas with the synergy of technology & knowledge tools, the college has designed an integrated education process to train the new mindsets to manage the new business of the Cyber Age. the college is admitting such as high caliber student who wish to rise up the executive ladder to manger knowledge-based enterprises in the Cyber Age.

KCC At A Glance

KCC Latest News
  1. कोरोना से लड़ाई में योग को भी हथियार बनाएगी सरकार:छत्तीसगढ़ योग आयोग आज से रोजाना चलाएगा योगा की क्लास, CM बघेल करेंगे वर्चुअल शुभारंभ

  2. वैक्सीन है जरूरी:कोरोना से ठीक हो चुके लोगों में वैक्सीन के बाद उम्र भर बनी रह सकती है इम्यूनिटी, बूस्टर डोज की नहीं होगी जरूरत

Our Courses : Degree / Diploma




  Amit Kumar
Kalpana Minz
 BCA 3rd
Kumudani Dewagan
BCA 2nd
Pallavi Khande 
BCA 2nd
Suraj Kumar
 BCA 2nd
Divya Kumari 
BCA 2ndI
Rohini Ram
 BCA 1st
MD Alim 
BCA 1st
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Tanya Agrawal


Suman Singh
Accordion Content
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Neelima Mishra







Rahul Bareth
















Aarti Nayak


Key Points About KCC

KCC Student gives the best result with our high-quality teaching technique

Almost every years most 0f student gives…district, as well as state Level following, are significant

We are committed to providing quality education, soft-skills development, sharpening managerial skills to our students so that they can serve the society with best professional standards.

Engaging students in extracurricular activities to keep their spirits high(Sports Meet, Alumni Meet, Management Fest, Annual Day, Social Outreach, Freshers, and Farewell).

Rich Library with huge Books for all Subject.


Fully Furnished latest Computer Lab.


Fully Furnished Class Rooms with Smart Class Facility.


Learning is truly the only trait that will remain with you over your entire life and it’s a lifelong process. Each one of us should have a career growth plan mapped out. This should be based on our aspirations and goals. It’s our duty to increase our own skillset so that we can achieve our aspirations. After all, contentment is as close to stagnation and stagnation is death.
The future of education is going to be the hybridization of knowledge and interdisciplinary skills combined with experiential learning.

We at KCC, differentiate ourselves by mixing theory with actual practice seamlessly. This allows for a richer learning experience – because it is learning by doing. Our global board of academic advisors brings the latest management practices to your doorstep. I am excited and look forward to bringing these to you shortly. We will create a collage of learning where you evolve perspectives and values to live by and excel. KCC creates a learning process that weaves knowledge, emotions, and actions into mature growth.

Rajesh Agrawal


Meet Our Faculty

Experienced Faculty (MCA/BE/M.Sc(Ele.)

/ M.Sc. (CS)/ M.Sc.(IT)

The faculty is acting as a mentor(s) in the teaching-learning process. The focus is to equip students with skills to become ready to take on challenging assignments in the industry. The teaching pedagogy consists of real-life problem-solving skills, mini-project(s), case studies, presentations along with class discussions.


Our Featured News & Events

Student Activities

  • We at KCC strongly believe in teamwork and encourage students to work in teams.
  • All the student activities are conducted entirely through total student involvement and participation.
  • Superior Academic Infrastructure.
  • Study Through LCD Projector.
  • Life Skilled Classes (Personality Development,



Spoken English, Carrier Counseling.

  • Scholarship for SC/ST/OBC students from Govt. of India and

Merit Bases Scholarship for all Students.

  • Weekly test and revision classes.