Chairman's Desk

Rajesh Agrawal

Chairman of the Trust

I Appreciate your decision for taking Admission
in kcc and I would like you assurance about our
Quality education system to make your dream
come true.


A Chinese proverb says, ‘Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere’. Learning is truly the only trait that will remain with you over your entire life and it’s a life long process. Each one of us should have a career growth plan mapped out. This should be based on our aspirations and goals. It’s our duty to increase our own skill set so that we can achieve our aspirations. After all, contentment is as close to stagnation and stagnation is death.

 The future of education is going to be hybridization of knowledge and interdisciplinary skills combined with experiential learning. We at KCC, differentiate ourselves by mixing theory with actual practice seamlessly. This allows for a richer learning experience – because it is learning by doing. Our global board of academic advisors bring the latest management practices to your doorstep. I am excited and look forward to bringing these to you shortly.

 We will create a collage of learning where you evolve respective and values to live by and excel. KCC creates a learning process that weaves knowledge, emotions and actions into mature growth.